Its also important to make sure your flashing is properly installed, especially around your chimneys. It is just as common of a source of leaks as pipe boots are. Its a rather common issue to find flashing that either was never properly secured, or have been damaged and moved over time and due to weather damage, which is yet another problem that can be prevented by our Free Roof Inspection.

Loose, broken, and/or completely missing shingles are some of the most dangerous blemishes on a roof seeing as how not only can it allow what to rush in causing leaks and all of the damage I've listed previously, but it can also cause even more shingles to be damaged and dislodged. When that happens it causes a domino effect of more and more shingles being dislodged allowing more and more water to leak through and cause catastrophic damage. A picture of one of our stellar repair jobs is down below.

We also offer a stand alone gutter cleaning service that starts around $189 and includes, a thorough cleaning of the gutters and an unclogging of the gutter drain. We also offer a Free Roof Inspection which covers a general analysis of the exterior of the roof such as the shingles, gutters, chimney flashing, and siding as well as an inspection of the attic.  Our inspection is a vital component to the safety and comfort of your home in detecting leaks, holes, the beginnings of mold, animal nesting signs (which is an incredibly large danger due to the amount of sheer damage to the structure of your home and not to mention the wiring that they may chew through which can become a fire hazard.)

Our pipe boot installation and replacement is, of course included in our Tune-up package, a rather important addition to the safety of your roof, and more importantly your home. They connect to the plumbing pipes, which open up your plumbing preventing pressure to build up inside your plumbing. The boots that surround said pipes, prevent an equally destructive and expensive problem, leaking. Whenever a pipe boot starts to crack or even if it starts become a little chalky, it can allow for water to slip in between it and the pipe which can and most likely will lead to a leak. Which can lead to devastating consequences, such as causes mildew and overtime, mold. It can also leak down from the ceiling to the walls and floors, which is why its vital you have your roof inspected on a regular basis to prevent such problems which can sometimes appear overnight depending on weather conditions.

We offer a general Tune-up packages starting at $449 which includes a free gutter cleaning. This Tune-up package contains: replacement and installation of pipe boots, replacement and repair of flashing around chimneys, repair of loose and flapping shingles, and replacement of broken, cracked, and altogether missing shingles.

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