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What is your roofing attached to?
Decking is simply plywood, that is secured upon the trusses of your roof, and creates a solid, continuous foundation to attach your asphalt shingles.
Roofing Code states this:

The Deck1507.2.1 Deck requirements. Asphalt shingles shall be fastened to solidly sheathed decks.

Code interpretation: This section implies that shingles shall be applied over a solid, continuous deck material. Typical deck construction consists of structural plywood or CDX. The thickness of the deck shall be 7/16 of an inch to 5/8 of an inch thick and fastened using 8d common nails, 10d box or power-driven nails. The IBC code further states in Section 1609.5.1 Roof deck, that the deck must be designed and installed in accordance with ASCE 7. 

The fastening rate of deck to trusses of 16 inches on center (o.c.) or less is one fastener every 6 inches o.c. The fastening rate of deck to trusses of 24 inches o.c. or less is one fastener every 4 inches o.c.

How important is this to you with your new roof?
With out a solid, non damaged base to attach the underlayment and Shingles to there could be big issues. Shingles could be easily blown off, thus causing leaks, and it may also void any warranties offered from the roofing contractor or the shingle manufacturer. 
John from Georgia Roof will inspect your decking and ensure that is sturdy and intact. He will also take pictures and discuss with you about your the condition your decking currently is. 
Here is an example of decking that John with Georgia Roof Repair had to remove and replace:

The left photo shows two decking that are no longer adjoined, also it is very wet causing leaks to the interior of the home, This deck material is also very spongy, not allowing nails to secure the shingles. 

Leaking into the interior of the home in area of damaged shingles

During tear off, Georgia Roof will remove decking and trusses as needed and replace with brand new material. 

Demoing the entire decking and being to replace with new decking, and cleaned out the wet insulation, then John and his crew from Georgia Roof Repair replaced the decking, trusses, and insulation.

Here's a photo example of what  solid decking ready for roof installation should look like,

There are no wet areas, loose or separated points, no spongy areas. 

John opened the peak of the roof for Ridge vent, and then Georgia Roof Repair uses the GAF total roof system with Synthetic underlayment: Felt Buster due to the thickness and because it is a solid membrane that adds protection to your new decking. In the Valleys he uses Weather Watch ice and water solid membrane  for increased protection in areas where water may hold.  

When getting quotes for your new roof, it is important to ask questions so that you can be sure all the quotes that you have received are including the same things.. Also it can prevent surprised extra costs once the roof installation begins. It is good to ask about the health of your decking, if there is any wetness of signs of leaking in your attic. Then inquire if the quote includes wood repair, and if not how much extra that maybe. 

John at Georgia Roof Repair always provides free roof inspections and quotes,  and will take the time to explain the current status of your roof. 

Call or text us at Georgia Roof Repair today at 770-899-4282 to make and appointment for your free roof inspection and quote. Feel free to reach out to us by email at: