My roof is leaking, do I need a replacement or repair?‚Äč

John at Georgia Roof Repair is very good at locating and repairing roof leaks. Sometimes He is able to make a roof repair using the existing shingles.

Depending on the cause of the leak he will then determine the best course of action. John came upon a roof that had a large hole in roof

He cut out the section of roof all the way to the decking that had become rotten, and needed to be replaced. John went from truss to truss to give the new decking a solid area to be attached to he then covered the new decking with weather watch ice and water by GAF and then replaced of shingles.

Post repair completion, and its put back together! Pretty difficult to find the location of the original issue. 

If you have a leak, or a concern that your roof may need some maintenance, call or text us today at 770-899-4282. Our roof inspections and estimates are always at no charge to you.