Georgia Roof Repair

Georgia Roof Repair was established in 2009 in the State of Georgia.

The owner of Georgia Roof Repair, John A Callahan was introduced to the construction industry at a young age and started at the bottom as a helper for his uncle digging foundations (footings) for homes until he progressed into concrete curb removal and installation.

After a number of years in the concrete industry, John created a silk fence company and kept the streets and roadways clean of debris during the construction of new sub divisions all over the greater Atlanta area. After selling his silk fence company in 1997, John went to work for Blount Construction building bridges and roadways in the Southeast. After a few years of traveling, John came back to Georgia and went to work with another roofing company by being part of the sales force, and assisting with the installation of new roofs and repairs.

Over the years he has become highly skilled in all aspects of the roofing industry. To this day, John will with out hesitation, get on a roof to inspect, teach, and supervise his employees to ensure that proper procedures are being implemented. His hands on attitude is a prime example of why his company is in existence today. Throughout the years John and his crew from Georgia Roof have installed many different roofing materials including modified roofing, EPDM, shingles, standing seam metal in a residential and commercial setting. John feels that experience is the key to a successful business. John is a fair and honest businessman who treats his customers as he would like to be treated. His skill in this profession coupled with his entrepreneurial persona lead him to establishing this company and has grown and developed into the excellent company that it is today.